"Oh no." HELP! My app doesn't run more than one time and it is so slow

Hello, firstly thanks to all of you that let us use this tool. and I am glad to be here.
I spend a lot of time but finally deployed my app. it works just one time. after that, it says “Oh no.”
it can be a memory problem but I am not sure. So please help me solve this issue
here is my app :
and Github repo :

Hi @kutay, welcome to the Streamlit community!

Your question is similar in nature to the one I answered here:

Ultimately, Torch is a very large dependency, and languages models are as well. While we’re working on figuring out the performance characteristics vs. cost tradeoff of the Streamlit sharing service, there isn’t a good answer to your problem right now other than using a bigger deployment instance (whether self-hosted or commercial service).


Hi @randyzwitch, I understand in fact I have already read this post but I just want to ask anyway maybe there are any other reasons.
thank you very much for your response

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