On Deploy - "Request failed with status code 400"

When I click on “Deploy!” I see this error pop up in the bottom right corner of the screen: “Request failed with status code 400”

same here

Hi @pdxnick and @lschimidtc :wave:

I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble deploying apps. Would you mind sharing the links to your GitHub repo as well as a screenshot of the page generating the error message?

Best, :balloon:

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Thanks @lschimidtc. I will relay this issue to our team and get back to you as soon as we have a solution.

@lschimidtc It looks like there was duplicate secret. Could you try again and let us know if you’re still running into the issue?

I’m not able to share the GitHub repo because it’s private, but I took a screenshot of the files. I’ve been using Heroku for this app, so maybe something that’s required for it is causing an issue?

still running into the same issue, i deleted all the ssh keys of this repo and had the same issue, i also tried to deploy with docker and nothing

@lschimidtc it seems that there were a few artifacts left in our system from previous deployments of the application. I have removed them and will continue investigating why we got in that state. Let me know if you hit this issue again.

@pdxnick could you provide the GitHub account and the repository name that you are deploying from? I need it to find the logs for the failure you are experiencing.

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it worked! thnk u so much

Hi @Alex_Toader I sent you a message with the requested information.

@Alex_Toader @snehankekre I tried again and am still running into the same error message.

I seem to be getting the same error been searchiong for an answer but have had no luck heres my repo:

If anyone can tell me whats wrong that’d be great :slight_smile:

@joshua-mcfield99 were you able to figure it out, or still stuck?

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Yeah its all sorted seems that github lags abit behind sometimes

I tried again after a few months, and I’m still getting this error. With Heroku’s free options going away I’d really like to get this to work. Any ideas?

I don’t think it likes dashes (-) in Github usernames or repository names.

My Github username had a dash in it, I created a new account without dashes in the name (on a hunch) and that actually fixed it for me. I see your username doesn’t have dashes in it but your repo name does. Have you tried renaming it?

I really was hoping that was going to work, but it didn’t. I changed the dashes to underscores and still get the same error message.

I’m getting this same error, first time trying this out and pretty disappointing. My repo and username both have dashes, if that’s still a problem then I’ll probably move on to a different platform.

My repo’s private but it’s a clone of the starter kit repo that I could run locally with no additional changes at this point.

So I tired creating another GitHub account and it worked, even with a single hyphen in the username. However my username has a double hyphen, which you apparently can’t use to create new GitHub usernames. So maybe Streamlit isn’t expecting the double hyphen? It’d be cool if someone fixes that if so. Since I couldn’t create a test account with double hyphens I can’t test this theory, but the only other difference is that I have 2FA setup in GitHub, though Streamlit has no issue listing the private repos, so I doubt that’s it