Over resource limit issues

The London Cycling Campaign’s new app - is hitting over resource errors regularly yesterday & today. We just had a public launch and over 5k users have tried to access the app so this is not too surprising, but is there anything that can be done to assist.

I’m continuing to reboot the app periodically, but it doesn’t last long before failing again.

Users are reporting errors here - Over resource limit on Streamlit Cloud · Issue #50 · londoncyclingcampaign/lcc-dangerous-junctions · GitHub
GitHub - GitHub - londoncyclingcampaign/lcc-dangerous-junctions: Identifying dangerous junctions for LCC
Streamlit version - 1.24.1
Python version - 3.9

Apologies for emailing separately as well, but just trying to find the quickest way to resolve!


Hi @danielhills,

Thanks for reaching out! Did you fill out the form that’s linked in that error message? If so, you should hear back soon from @Jessica_Smith re: upping the app’s resources.

Thanks @Caroline - I previously filled out the form to get some increased resources, which @Jessica_Smith was very helpful with.

Those additional resources unfortunately aren’t coping with the demand we’re seeing recently, so was inquiring to see if we could get an additional bump in resources for a couple of days as there is media attention on the app?

Longer term I will look into what we can do to reduce memory usage from the app.

Just to close the loop here, you should have an email in your inbox from our team.


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