Override default color palette

Besides injecting custom CSS using st.markdown with unsafe_allow_html=True is there a way to completely override the default palette?

The main reason why I am asking this is that if I simply inject some CSS to change the color of a particular element when the user interacts with this element the colors will default to the original palette.

The same happened when I tried to change the small gradient in the header.

Thanks for making Streamlit.

Hey @robsanna!

Currently there is not a way to override the default palette, BUT this is already being worked on by the team!!! :tada: :partying_face:

In fact we are looking to release Theming, which has a planned release in this quarter!!

(We are already laying the ground work behind the scenes check out one of the latest releases)

Also, one of our fantastic creators members @Jesse_JCharis , has meda a youtube tutorial on how to make css changes in Streamlit, maybe this could be useful to you in the meantime?

Happy Streamlit-ing!

@Marisa_Smith thanks a lot for your prompt answer!
And great job by @Jesse_JCharis!

Looking forward to try it.

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