Set tab title to something other than “Streamlit”

I got some comments / complaints from users that the title of their browser tab on every page of my app is “Streamlit”. :expressionless:

I only didn’t realize this until now because Streamlit doesn’t work on my Linux desktop browser for some reason, so when I develop I use my iPhone to check if the site looks as intended.

How do I override “Streamlit” with the page title?

Incidentally, if you can do the same to the footer without hacking the library, that would be a nice to have (but not that important). The tab title, however, is a dealbreaker.

You want to use the page config options. Like so:

st.set_page_config(page_title="My Tab Title")

See more on it here:

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Ah ha! Thank you Marcos!!!

Oh wait… I already had that set on every page but the title of the browser tabs still = “Streamlit”…

Hmm. is it at the top? It has to be like the first st.something command i think.

Hmm interesting. So it was the first st command yes, but now it’s working on another computer and I haven’t changed anything. I will see if I can replicate it on another device…

It could just be a browser cache thing.

It turns out that even if you change or hide any of the Streamlit branding it still shows up under these conditions:

  1. until everything loads fully
  2. If there’s any error
  3. when the page has been loaded too long

So… time to edit the Streamlit library source