- Over 150 USA trends within the context of political party control

I’m very excited to announce the initial launch of I think like a lot of people here, when I hear a claim, I want to see the numbers. And sometimes I’m just curious. I created this app to make visualizing major data trends in the US with the backdrop presidential and party performance. There’s much more of my thinking process on the “About” page.

Some technical nuggets for the Streamlit community: It’s deployed on Google App Engine which has pros and cons, but I figured it’s a good place to start. A big to-do is adding Google Analytics; I didn’t want to delay anything more to add this since it’s not a native integration at this point.

Please give it a try, I’d love to hear thoughts.

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Hey @bigjoedata, welcome back!

That’s a really cool app, very thorough in the number of data series that are provided.

Google Analytics is one of our most requested features…in the meantime, a community user came up with this workaround:

Thanks @randyzwitch, I appreciate the positive feedback. I have added Google Tag Manager / GA to the site using the method you linked. I had seen that but wanted to get the site up and running before I applied. I updated my github page for the app as well to include the scaffolding I used to get it running on Google App Engine. This includes the Dockerfile command I used to copy the index.html to the proper location during the build. Hopefully people find this useful. I need to refactor a bit more to make it ready for public consumption but I put most of the rest of the code on there. Next step: figuring out how/if I can deploy on Google App Engine standard environment which has a generous free tier rather than flex tier.

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