Please wait... connecting: I get this message when sharing over the network

Hi All,
I’m using streamlit 0.87 on windows through an anaconda virtual environment. I’m noticing this pattern over the past few weeks.

My app will launch fine and respond quickly on both my local machine and when accessed over the company network when I launch it for the first time.

If I then make some edits and refresh the app or control+c in the cmd and then relaunch, the app will again work fine on my local machine but those accessing it over the network will see a Please wait… connecting message, which never ends up loading.

If I then restart the local computer that is hosting the app and relaunch, the app will again work when accessed over the network.

I’m wondering if there is some setting that gets reset when I restart my machine that allows the app to run more efficiently after a fresh restart.

Thanks for any thoughts!!