Deployed app won't load ‘Please wait’… message

I have set up a Streamlit app that I can access on my own computer and phone, but when trying to access it on a corporate laptop, the app gets stuck on the “please wait” message and never fully loads. I am unable to run any Streamlit gallery apps or any of those deployed on Heroku on this laptop as well. All stuck on please wait… I believe the issue may be with the firewall or security settings on the corporate laptop, which I do not have control over. However, the site or address are not blocked otherwise I wouldn’t be able to see please wait message. Anyway, I am unable to change the settings of the browser or firewall on this device. I have noticed that this problem occurs in Edge and Chrome. I never had problems with any other website or webapp. Has anyone experienced a similar issue and found a solution?

Any other ways to share ST app with a workbuddy who doesn’t have py installed?

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I deployed my streamlit app on Digitalocean (dockerized) and it run on my corporate computer for couple of minutes but the a protection (could be Harmony endpoint extension, McAfee or firewall) caused it to become stuck at Please wait again. So I am pretty clueless there.

If anyone knows of any way to share my ST apps with coworkers please share.

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