'Please wait'... message

I’ve successfully set up a Streamlit deployed app (https://share.streamlit.io/admatuszak/cohort-table/main/Cohort-st.py), which I can access from my own computer. However, when attempting to use a corporate laptop, the app gets stuck on the ‘please wait’ message and never actually loads. Unfortunately, I cannot control the laptop (security set by corporate). I suspect traffic is getting filtered; however, I cannot change the settings of the browser or the firewall. Has anyone else encountered this? Since it seems like this should be like any other website, there must be something going on with the ports. Any ideas on how to solve this? It appears to be the same problem whether using the Streamlit shared service (deployed through github) or if the app is hosted on AWS.

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Maybe there is a firewall block in your company for one of the following sites?


The one thing that makes me think it may not be that is that it is also blocked when hosted on AWS. It is strange that I can see the main site (including the sidebar with the ‘terminal’ status) but it then gets hung up connecting. Does anyone know if the initial connection is over 443/80 and then it uses the 8501 port for the actual refresh?



Does anyone know what ports are used when hosted on shared Streamlit? Does it switch from 443 to another port? It just seems odd that I’m able to get to the main page and see the please wait dialog box but then the traffic gets blocked by the firewall / restrictions.

As a follow-up, I spoke with our IT team and they don’t believe anything is being blocked but confirmed that the ‘please wait…’ dialog is as far as we can get on our work computers. Does anyone know or suspect what might be causing this behavior??