"Please wait..." forever error when deployed on GitHub

I deployed an app directly from the GitHub repo using https://share.streamlit.io/

The app initially worked, but with no changes to the code whatsoever, it now stopped working. I’m seeing the “Please wait…” message forever.

This article doesn’t help me much because it mentions a bunch of settings that I haven’t even done when deploying, I just followed the instructions as per https://share.streamlit.io/

How can I fix this issue? Do I change anything in GitHub?

Hi @Chain, and welcome to the Streamlit community! :balloon::raised_hands:

I’ve got an error:

Do you know what the logtrace says?


Hmm you might have just selected some parameter that gives no results.

But the point is, it actually loads now!!..

This is really odd. Is there some hosting reliability issue on streamlit side?

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Happy to hear your app is now working! :slight_smile:

Happy streamlit-ing! :balloon:

Thanks. I guess I’m worried that it will happen again.

Can I trust that it’ll keep working?

Just when I wrote this, I now see that the app isn’t working once again :((

I have very few package dependencies which are all loading, the app works fine on local, and it also worked fine on streamlit just yesterday.

Why is this happening? Is there a hosting issue on Streamlit side?

Hi @Chain

Which message do you get in the log trace?


How can I check the log trace?

You’ll see the error trace if you click at the bottom right of your streamlit app.


I faced this too, seems to be related to streamlit’s websocket timeout being too low

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Same error, again. It seems to happen once a month or so.

Hi everyone, can someone please help? The site is down for 3 days. Can I purchase a package or something to make sure my streamlit is always up and running?

Hi @Chain,

We do have higher paid tiers for the streamlit cloud service.
You can find a link below to the other tiers.

I noticed that you have not included the link or output of your log file as @Charly_Wargnier had asked for. These can be super helpful in figuring out what’s happening with someone’s app!

Happy Streamlit-ing,

Hi Marisa,

I linked the app in the first message: https://share.streamlit.io/chainleft/nft.observer/main/nft_history.py

As for the log file, Charly said “You’ll see the error trace if you click at the bottom right of your streamlit app.”

But this is what I see:

Clicking at the bottom right on that crown symbol takes me to cloud page.

Otherwise there’s nothing else to click at the bottom right.

Hey @Chain,

This is an app you deployed correct?

If it is, and you are logged into share.streamlit.io then that red square will look like this (and open the logfile for you):
Screen Shot 2021-11-10 at 9.48.11 AM

Happy Streamlit-ing!