Possibility to add thumbnail to the site?

I am wondering if there is a possibility to add a thumbnail to my Streamlit application deployed on Heroku.

Currently, when I share the application URL, there is no thumbnail getting generated automatically and it is something like below. I would like a photo to appear instead.

Searched the community, but nothing! Thank you :slight_smile:

How it appears:

How it should appear (just example)


Adding to it: I believe it has something to do with rendering? Since Streamlit are not static websites and rendered only when clicked, during the URL sharing it will not give any image since it’s not really ‘rendering’.?

Hi @SudhenduP -

I think this has to do with meta tags that you add in the <head> section of the page. There isn’t a built-in way to do this in Streamlit right now, but maybe someone else in the community can think of a work-around.



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