Prevent Streamlit Session Resets



in my app users have to classify 500 texts. Some users reported now, that the App automatically resets if you are inactive for a couple of minutes and then they had to restart from the beginning on. Is there a way to prevent this in Streamlit?


Hey @moxinator98,

Can you update your app to use 1.17.0 and let use know if anything changes?

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not sure if it resovles the timeout error, but helped me at least for other functions!

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I’m not totally sure if this is the same issue but one of my users has reported that they get an error message if they break off from using the app and come back ~30 minutes later. The error message implies it’s a text_input that’s the cause of the problem.

I’ve not been able to reproduce it myself, which makes it very hard to debug. This is using the app in Microsoft Edge, running Streamlit v1.21.0. Has anyone else experienced a similar issue?