Streamlit app consistently restarting on Streamlit Sharing even though it runs fine locally

I’ve recently encountered an issue with one of my Streamlit apps running on Streamlit Sharing. The problem is that my app appears to be restarting approximately every 30 seconds, even when no interactions are being performed on it.

Running the app locally on my machine doesn’t present this issue, it’s only when running on Streamlit Sharing that this anomaly occurs.

This issue is relatively new, as I didn’t experience this with my app running on Streamlit Sharing before, and there haven’t been significant changes to my code.

Do you have any insights on what could be causing this constant restarting? How could this issue be resolved?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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I’m having the same issue. The App ran fine a 2 days ago. I think part of the problem might be the upload file widget, but it could be also wide spread?

i have the same problem since today. I think its a general problem!

I’m not using the upload_file widget and I’m running into the same problem.

I also have this issue online but not local since today. I tried adding just a upload_file widget (multi files allowed) and took out all other calculations. With one file added it resets the application / upload after ~30 seconds.

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This issue persists even with a very simple Streamlit app like the one below:

import streamlit as st
def main():
st.title(“This is a title”)
if name == “main”:


Issue seems to be resolved today.

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Issue seems to be back. Now it restarts after a couple of minutes instead of 30 seconds.

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