Previous page shadow when loading other page on MPA 1.31.1

Hello Friends!
we have Multiple Page App with 3 pages which located in “pages” subfolder of as mentioned below (followed by streamlit convention):

recently Streamlit launched the function to switch pages in Multipage App (MPA) so we moved from streamlit-extras switch_page to st.switch_page.

working with streamlit version 1.30.0 when calling the function to switch from page “2_intro” to page “3_report” it’s immediately and smoothly jump to the requested page:

since last release of 1.31.1 when doing the exact same operation (no code has been changed) the browser does jump to page 3 but while loading it with progress bar it show the previous page content blurry (shadowed) but selecteable:

In order to solve this issue I tried to go back to streamlit-extras function.
but the real solution was to downgrade streamlit back to 1.30.0.

this bug make us stand in the same place while the features streamlit releases are important for us and we waiting for their launch for a long time

Thanks in advanced to anyone