Project hotel

What kind of project can I make for the hotel?
Apart from reservation, what kind of project is needed for the hotel?
If you have a video or a source to introduce Hotel for a suitable hotel

I work in a hotel and I want to create a project for the hotel with Streamlit, please help me, what kind of project is suitable for the hotel?

Hi @Abdollah_Chelasi maybe try to use chatGTP for some inspiration? It is really great tool for brainstorming! This time I chatGTPied it for you:

Streamlit is a great framework for creating interactive web applications with Python, and there are numerous projects you can undertake for a hotel using Streamlit. Here are some project ideas:

  1. Hotel Room Booking System: Create a Streamlit app that allows users to check room availability, make reservations, and view room details and pricing. You can integrate a simple database to store booking information and check room availability in real-time.
  2. Hotel Management Dashboard: Develop a dashboard for hotel staff to manage reservations, check-in and check-out guests, and view occupancy rates. You can include features like guest information, room status, and billing details.
  3. Feedback and Review System: Build a feedback and review system where guests can leave comments and ratings for their stay. Provide visualizations of the overall hotel rating and guest feedback over time.
  4. Hotel Services Directory: Create an app that lists all the services offered by the hotel, such as restaurants, spas, and activities. Include information, pricing, and the ability to make reservations for these services.
  5. Weather Information: Integrate a weather API to provide guests with real-time weather updates for the hotel location. This can be helpful for guests planning their activities.
  6. Local Attractions Guide: Create a guide to local attractions, restaurants, and points of interest near the hotel. Include maps, descriptions, and user ratings.
  7. Expense Tracker for Business Travelers: Develop an app that allows business travelers to track and categorize their expenses during their stay at the hotel. It could generate expense reports for them.
  8. Hotel Analytics and Reporting: Create a dashboard for hotel managers to view key performance metrics, such as occupancy rates, revenue, and guest demographics.
  9. Room Service Order System: Design an application that allows guests to place orders for room service. This could include a menu, order tracking, and billing.
  10. Housekeeping Request System: Develop a system for guests to request housekeeping services, such as cleaning, fresh towels, or room maintenance.
  11. Employee Scheduling and Management: Create a tool for hotel managers to schedule and manage employee shifts, track time and attendance, and handle HR-related tasks.
  12. Check-in/Check-out with QR Codes: Implement a contactless check-in and check-out system using QR codes. Guests can use their smartphones to complete these processes.
  13. Conference/Event Booking System: If the hotel hosts events or conferences, you can build an app to allow event organizers to book meeting rooms, set up audio-visual equipment, and manage attendees.
  14. Language Translation Service: Develop a language translation app that helps guests and staff communicate in multiple languages.