PubLit AI (formerly SciLit) - ✨ Scientific searches & insights all-in-one place

Hi everyone !

Added some new features to my very first Streamlit Web App which I previously named as SciLit (found a very similar domain hence naming it here on as PubLit :smiley: )

  • Previously it was primarily meant for obtaiing scientific publications with keywords and obtains analytics on them ( SciLit post here)
  • now I’ve added openAI GPT-3 model to have further insights on the background of speicific literatures , summarize the literatures and also get references to similar publications (a lot can be done further, I’m pretty sure … a work in progress )

In order to use, one needs to use own openAI API key. Here’s the link to the app .
Play around with the app, and would be happy to hear your suggestions and feedbacks .

Cheers :balloon:



Hi Avra,

This is a great application of Streamlit and AI search.

Where is the repository for this application? Can you please provide a link to the source code for the latest version?

Thank you.

Rich Lysakowski

Any word on sharing the source code for this application?

Do you want to open source it so that the community can build on it?

Hi @Richdev_Boston ,

Thank you for your interest . Unfortunately, in coming weeks I don’t see any possibility to work on this. It’s in a super messy state with new changes which I made few weeks back, apologies. However, please DM me on what part would you like to know or reproduce, I’m certainly happy to help.