Pull requests on HitHub

Hi! I haven’t used GitHub that much yet and I have a question about all those pull requests. There are some improvements to features that are being brought up there, for example about the file_uploader(). But those are not integrated (yet?) in the streamlit module as I understand?

This request is closed and approved, but I can’t seem to use these features anyway. The git repository is not the same as the streamlit folder in my python environment, Is that how it’s supposed to be?


Hi @lilostitch96, welcome to the community.

As you see the functionality has been merged, but the API to expose the functionality in Streamlit has not been implemented, so you can’t access it. This is tracked in another issue

FileUploader is going through an overhaul right now, which is why the feature is not public yet. The target date for it and multiple file upload for this is early Q4 (@karriebear don’t hesitate to chime in for additional info !)

While it’s nice to follow Streamlit’s progress through the Github Feature requests and Pull requests, the official way to follow which features are integrated in each Streamlit release is the changelog file :wink: keep track of this one and you’ll eventually see the new FileUploader !



Sweet, Thank you @andfanilo ! Great, I will keep an eye there!

Have a good one!