Upload-Download from a github repo

I am currently working on a personal project to discover some capabilities of streamlit that I could need in the future.
the app is hosted on streamlit cloud (at the moment there is not much to show since there is only the part of cloning)
As the title suggests I am trying to download (clone) from a github repository edit the file and then commit the changes.

since it is not the repository of the project it shouldn’t be a disruptive action for all users, I was thinking of a check if the directory is already there (if not clone, if yes pull).
the file is a sqlite3 database. I want to edit some of the data in it (again as a test), finished that synchronize the changes to that repo.

it might not be an elegant solution, my idea with it is going to be: get some data from user or other sources, then add it to this database to be seen permanently. I wanted to use firebase but it has a limit of reads daily (50k) so I cannot have much data to be seen.

thanks in advance and sorry for my English :slight_smile: