Pydantic Import Error for an old repo

I just happened to visit an old app which I had deployed 2 years ago and it now says

**pydantic.errors.PydanticImportError: `BaseSettings` has been moved to the `pydantic-settings` package. See for more details.**

Below is a link to my repo:
Is there something that I have to add in the requirements.txt?

Thank you in advance. :saluting_face:

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Hi @Sai_Ram_k,

I forked your repo and deployed the app here and it seems to be working. The error you’re seeing is probably a result of an issue with pydantic and the older version of Python that your app is using.

I’d recommend deleting and redeploying your app, which will upgrade you to Python version 3.9 and should resolve the error.

Thank you for your response @Caroline .
I actually happened to fix the error already so it seems to be working fine now. The issue was with a package names pandas-profiling which I had used and pandas-profiling is now changed to ydata_profiling.
Hence I had to change

import pandas_profiling


from ydata_profiling import ProfileReport

and also include ydata_profiling in the requirements.txt file.

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