Pyqt vs Streamlit approach for local execution

Hi to all!

I would like to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of make an app with a pyqt approach or a streamlit approach.

All this arises from the need to share a dynamic and friendly application with my non-Python colleagues.

I would like to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of both libraries.

I would like to start by commenting:
-Advantage: Very nice and very easy to program.
-Disadvantages: Long loading times.

-Advantage: Infinite possibilities
-Disadvantages: Long coding time for the same result.

I hope you enjoy the discussion!

BR, Diego

use pyqt, you have to distribute exe to every one who will use.
and some os platform run exe will report error.
with streamlit, you can just send a url to them without distribute and worry about who’s os explorer not support the web app created by streamlit.

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I have done both in the past year. For complex programs, PYQT is still much better. However, once you figure out that you can throw your streamlit app in a docker and host it as a webapp for all your local users, streamlit becomes much friendlier in maintenance.

My own experience is thus that PYQT is more versatile, but streamlit saves soo much development time and maintenance time (exe files are a pain compared to a webserver if you have dozens of users).

I would say: if you can get away with using streamlit, do it. I personally will never use PYQT again. The pain of maintaining my app in a corporate setting has just been too great in the long run.