Python libs dont install on streamlit cloud


I wrote a couple of streamlit games, but ran into deployment issues on streamlit cloud.

There are a couple of python libraries that don’t install on streamlit cloud:

  1. st_lottie
  2. winsound

In my requirements.txt file, I had included the following, but it didnt work (now as well as for an earlier project)

  1. st-lottie
  2. winsound

The github repo link is:shakamoushie/Housie: The Housie / Tambola / Bingo Game (

Would be happy to know the reason for this issue.

Thanks in advance


hey @Shawn_Pereira, thanks for posting.

streamlit lottie works fine on streamlit cloud. You just have to add streamlit-lottie in your requirements.txt and it will be installed.
This is a small app deployed on my server using st-lottie here

And winsound doesnot work on streamlit cloud. The reason behind this is that,

The winsound module provides access to the basic sound-playing machinery provided by Windows platforms . And it comes automatically with windows version of Python. So, on server we dont have anything like windows or its sounds, so that is the reason for not supporting winsound.

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There is no st-lottie in pypi, you might be looking for streamlit-lottie

windsound is part of the standard library so there is no way (or need) to install it separately. It is available in Windows only.

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Thanks @ilovetensor and @Goyo for the quick response / solution. That was a rookie mistake - using st-lottie instead of streamlit-lottie in the requirements.txt file.

God bless :slight_smile:

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