Pythonocc with Streamlit


:clap: first of all thank you to the Streamlit team & community for the wonderful work around this library!

:disguised_face: I have been trying to make things work using Streamlit concerning the pythonocc library (a python wrapper of the OpenCascade CAD Kernel), and I finally manage to make it functionnal trough a little trick using the pythonocc’s webserver.

You can find a sample code with a wonderful example here : :smiley:


:interrobang: I guess we could make it more efficient, instead of reloading the webserver at each rerun of streamlit, but it’s a first try.

:snake: I didn’t try to turn it to a component because of the conda env needed from the pythonocc side.

:construction_worker_man: I would be happy to get people trying to get it the right way with me!