RecipeML - An early experiment in using Generative Al to transform the way we cook

Hi everyone!
I’m excited to share my latest side project - a taste of Generative Al whipped up in my spare time! Meet RecipeML, an early experiment in using Al to transform the way we cook.

Try the live demo here:

Start by describing what you have on hand, and RecipeML will work its magic. Whether it’s that leftover bag of spinach or a fridge begging for rescue, RecipeML transforms ordinary ingredients into extraordinary dishes. But wait, there’s more!

Beyond simply recommending existing recipes, RecipeML uses its deep understanding of language generation to conjure up novel recipes, the likes of which haven’t been dreamed of in any cookbook!

RecipeML is still simmering, but I’m excited to share a taste! Stay tuned for updates and maybe even sneak peeks of the secret sauce. Feeling hungry? Head over to RecipeML and let’s cook up something amazing together!

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Tech Stack: Tensorflow, NLTK, OpenAI DALL.E2, RunwayML Stable Diffusion, Google Gemini, Azure CosmosDB, Firebase and AzureML


Are the images also generated by AI?

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Yes, indeed!

I’ve integrated both the Stable Diffusion model from RunwayML (requires GPU) and DALL.E2 from OpenAI for generating images. While both models are capable of delivering stunning results, you’ll primarily experience DALL.E2 due to the current GPU limitations within the Streamlit Cloud environment.

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The food looks tasty! haha - nicely done

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Haha, thanks! RecipeML is pretty good at making things look yummy, right?
Maybe I should give it a try and see if it tastes as good as it looks.

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do you mind sharin why u decided to have separate streamlit apps instead of putting them together in one?

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Really nice ideas in that app. Are you treating this as a commercial endeavour or do you plan on open-sourcing it?


Hey there, fantastic question! You’re right, I could have crammed everything into one app, but the decision actually comes down to two key factors: organization and scalability.

Initially, RecipeML was just a baby recommendation system learning from a small 9k recipe dataset. Back then, one app felt manageable. But as RecipeML grew, we devoured a massive 2.2 million recipe dataset, and by the third, we were slinging generative AI to cook up brand new recipes.

Having separate apps helps keep the resource limits in check, plus, splitting things up means each app can be independently updated and deployed. So no more waiting for the whole kitchen sink to upgrade when just one pot needs a polish :wink:

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Thanks so much for the feedback Arvindra! I’m thrilled you like the ideas in RecipeML.

Regarding your question, commercialization isn’t currently on the roadmap. My main focus right now is polishing the backend and making sure it’s a robust foundation for the future.

But yeah, open-sourcing is totally on the radar. I’m working on some backend improvements to ensure the code is ready for everyone to explore and contribute to. I’ll definitely keep the community updated on the progress!

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Hi @asehmi , I made an similar application which helps the partial disability people for generating recipes by capturing the vegetables they have infront of them. Due to limited GPU resources we made our own object detection model which will identify the vegetable in the image along with its count. After this we will ask user that in which language they are interested along we will also ask how many different types they need. For getting them suprised , we are providing the audio version of generated recipe in their selected language. Also it has to robust validation system

Here is the application link:-

Kindly provide any suggestions or feedback.

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Thanks @Guna_Sekhar_Venkata for sharing your app! :star_struck: :tada:

Inspired by your work, I will certainly prioritize the inclusion of features that empower users with diverse abilities in future RecipeML releases.

Kudos to you for making a positive impact in the kitchen for everyone!


Release 1.2.1: Get Delicious Inspiration, Now with More Features and Languages!

The latest update to RecipeML (v1.2.1) packs a punch of exciting features designed to spark your creativity and help you discover delicious dishes in more ways than ever before.

Here’s what’s new:

  1. Go multilingual: RecipeML now lets you generate recipes in 9 different languages so that you can explore new culinary horizons without leaving your kitchen.
  2. Calorie Conscious: Now you can get nutritional stats you need with calorie information displayed for every recipe we generate.
  3. Listen to your recipe: RecipeML now lets you listen to the audio version of your generated recipes! Multitask while you cook, or simply enjoy exploring a new cuisine
  4. Enhanced authentication: We’ve switched to Firebase authentication, allowing you to use the same credentials across our apps - Enjoy a seamless experience without juggling multiple logins.
  5. Fresh interfaces on the horizon: Our home page has undergone a makeover taking inspiration from Ant Design and Mantine, serving up information about our development methodologies and terms of use.
  6. Subscribe to our newsletter: Join the BeyondML mailing list and get exclusive updates on RecipeML and other exciting projects - Be the first to hear about what’s cooking!

Don’t forget to share your feedback and recipe creations with us! We’re always eager to hear from our culinary community. Get started here: