Embedded mobile view doesn't work (IOS, Safari) - Received no response from server

I’m having the issue with embedding my app in the webflow. It works fine at the desktop after adding ?embedded=true, but not on mobile.
Here is the message I’m getting after blinking screen for 5 min.
link to the demo-page

What OS and browser are you using on your phone to view the demo page? On Android with Firefox, Brave, and Chrome, your demo page with the embedded app in webflow loads perfectly.

Have you tried clearing cookies and signing out from share.streamlit.io on your mobile browser?

I use → IOS 15.5, safari.

I was not signed in to my share.streamlit.io account on mobile before… but, when I signed in and tried to launch the app - the result is the same:

After update to IOS 15.6 - share.streamlit.com seems to work (after constant reloads for about 2 minutes). Before these apps downloaded without any problem with the direct link.

Embedded version doesn’t work - 150 min of constant page reload… and still trying…

Any suggestion, how to fix it at IOS if mobile view at share.stremlit works fine?

I found this discussion on stackoverflow. Sounds like this is an issue with iframes generally for browsers on iOS, which blocks cross-site cookies by default. I found the setting in Safari (“Prevent Cross-Site Tracking”) and when I turn it off, my iframed-streamlit app works fine. Bummer, because changing their phone settings isn’t something I would ask of a user.


Thanks a lot for the info! Indeed, asking users to change settings for one app sounds too complicated.