How to remove the ".Streamlit" from the web page title?

after did st.set_page_config(page_title=‘MyApp’)

the web page title will become MyApp.Streamlit

Hope we can remove this from page title

Hi @BeyondMyself,

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Can you provide a code snippet or link to your app to help us understand your question?



import streamlit as st

after run this code, you can see that web page title will change into “MyApp●Streamlit”

my target is remove the “●Streamlit” from the web page title, do you have any solutions?

Hello @BeyondMyself ,

Sorry to hear you bumped on this, this is still a known issue you can find here:

There is a hacky solution there to edit your Streamlit installation to remove the ●Streamlit part, just note you will need to do it every time you update Streamlit.

You can +1 the issue to bring more attention to it.


the way of changing document.title in main.*.chunk.js file is not work.
●Streamlit is still exists in page title.
we need a new solution.

Hello @BeyondMyself,

So here’s another very hacky solution. You just have to add and call the following function in your app.

def set_page_title(title):
    st.sidebar.markdown(unsafe_allow_html=True, body=f"""
        <iframe height=0 srcdoc="<script>
            const title = window.parent.document.querySelector('title') \
            const oldObserver = window.parent.titleObserver
            if (oldObserver) {{
            }} \

            const newObserver = new MutationObserver(function(mutations) {{
                const target = mutations[0].target
                if (target.text !== '{title}') {{
                    target.text = '{title}'
            }}) \

            newObserver.observe(title, {{ childList: true }})
            window.parent.titleObserver = newObserver \

            title.text = '{title}'
        </script>" />

set_page_title("My new title")

This will however add a small padding where you’ll call the function.

:warning: Caution though, for security reasons, do not let the app user change that title with a text_input.

set_page_title("🎈 My title")  # OK
set_page_title(st.text_input("Edit my title"))  # Security risks

well down, this function works after app restarted.
thanks for your help.

This has been resolved with version 0.84!

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