Resume Scanning System

I have developed a Resume Scanning System using ML and Streamlit that can match your resume with the job description, extracts skills from resume (beta feature) which can be edited, and predicts the area of interest for the candidate based on the skills provided.

It works for candidates from all backgrounds (whether technical or non-technical)

Try Live Demo here:

#machinelearning #streamlit-examples


Nice!! Curious about how you trained this. Do you have a write-up anywhere?

Also: would be great to have a some examples embedded directly in the app.

One way to do it is to add a checkbox that shows a selectbox with examples below:

[x] Try an example
[selectbox with examples]

When you choose an item from the selectbox, the app runs with some preset data.

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Thanks, I used supervised learning to train this model. Actually there are more than one model behind this app working simultaneously. Don’t have any write-up for this for now. Thanks for suggestion, I’ll try to add this to app.