Scaling up my app

Hey folks! Any chance I could get some help scaling this up? It was on the front page of HN and then got removed, likely cause it couldn’t scale :laughing:

  2. hamilton/examples/LLM_Workflows/image_telephone/ at 793f421b7ebc4006c2cf09cf9ff4c5f88eb0fc00 · DAGWorks-Inc/hamilton · GitHub
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  4. Not sure

Hi! I increased the amount of memory assigned to the application, but whether that will be sufficient will depend on how much memory the app uses per user.

I recommend it trying to do as much work ahead of time and caching it or storing it in static files so that the amount of work that happens when a user accesses is minimal.


Thank you so much! Really appreciate it. For future reference, what tooling is available to scale horizontally? Does streamlit/snowflake offer a service, or do you recommend doing it natively on heroku or AWS?

We do not offer horizontal scaling at the moment. I would recommend self-hosting in case your requirements exceed the free tier.

Got it, thank you! No way to keep the domain constant though, I imagine?

I don’t think so. You could probably have a Streamlit app on your current domain that iframes the app hosted on Heroku or AWS.

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