🥳 Scientific article on Stmol-component is published and out for read

Hi Streamlit Community,

We are (cc @napoles3d , @mitch-parker ) happy to announce that our scientific article on the Stmol component has been accepted and publicly available now - Link. Please give a read and feel free to share your feedbacks. Looking forward.

Also feel free to contribute to this project. We appreciate contributions from the community! Every little bit helps, and credit will always be given. More on Stmol here.

Happy Streamlit-ing :balloon:


Many congratulations @AvratanuBiswas @napoles3d @mitch-parker! Nice to see something substantial and hope it gets a lot of attention.


Thanks @asehmi and Thanks @AvratanuBiswas for sharing the paper! Our point here is that Streamlit is a tool to disseminate knowledge, and we hope this become a precedent for more papers using streamlit :muscle:


That would be amazing!

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