Search bar on multipages app?

hey guys, my app is already deployed.

the client asked me a multipages app (50 pages), and now he wants a search bar in the sidebar (Above the pages names) to filter the page by name, but I really donโ€™t have idea on how to do it. Is it even possible? Can you guys help me?

Im uploading a print, so you guys can know what im talking about

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Hey @fernandococco,

Unfortunately, this isnโ€™t a built-in Streamlit feature. However, there is a streamlit-searchbox custom component that you could use to implement the search bar piece.

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Hi fernandococco, i suggest you take a look into Streamlit Super App package i just released:

To use it you will need to change your pages folder structure:





and inside โ€œpages/__init__.pyโ€ you just put these settings:

INDEX = False # Disables the page index and go straight to first page
SEARCH = True # enable searchbox

your pages must have a main function, for example:


import streamlit as st

def main():
    st.write("hello world")

and in your main app file you call

import streamlit_superapp as app

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