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I have just discovered that if you give access to a private app, people then have access to the entire workspace and therefore to all the public apps.
So I deleted the private apps to maintain anonymity on my workspace
in the state it is very strange as a system

is there another way to do it?

thank you

There is no way to keep people from accesing your public apps, that is why they call them “public”. That is regardless of what you do with your private apps.

Hey @Egos, echoing with @Goyo said here – I don’t recommend making an app public if you don’t want others to view it. Viewers of your private app being able to access your public apps shouldn’t compromise your “anonymity” as you mentioned, since those public apps were always public.

Thank you for your answers

however for a private app the person must register on streamlit cloud and it seems a detail but for some customers it is painful.
moreover a public app is not found without the link and is not indexed by search engines it seems to me
I can also have public test apps for example to avoid exceeding the limit
if I make a private app my client will have access to all my public apps

consequence of all this it is better to have all its public app like that we are sure that the people with the link of an app cannot access the others.
This is the opposite of the effect sought by a public private system

@Egos to allow users to view your private app without using “Continue with Google” or login via GitHub, you can simply have them login via “sign in with email” – this feature will send an email to them with a link that they can use to magically sign in without Google or GitHub. Check out the docs for this here.

Again, public apps are accessible without logging in. I should also mention that Streamlit Community Cloud serves as a free resource for people getting started with Streamlit to deploy a few apps – we don’t recommend Streamlit Community Cloud as an enterprise business solution, which it sounds like you might be looking for. We do have a great community wiki on other deployment options.

thanks for your reply

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