Sharing a deployed app to a C-level person (important stakeholder)

Hi there,
I wonder if anyone has issue with inviting someone who is not a developer but a C-person who has interest in your deployed app on Streamlit Cloud?

I tested the invite to a legit email address just to see how it works, but each time it requires the creation of streamlit cloud account or github account.
How do I bypass all this especially when my app is private and not public?

I would just like that the C-person receiving the invite is able to click on the link and immediately see the app being displayed.

thank you.

Hi @Ez1,

The only option to allow someone to see your app without having any type of login would be to make the app public, since if the app is private, we would by definition need to ensure that the people viewing app are allowed to view the app – this is how we keep your private app secure. You could make your app private, add this viewer’s email address to the viewer list for the app, and then have them sign in via passwordless sign in (which would send them an email with a link they can click to sign in, rather than signing in explicitly via Google).


Thank you Caroline, for quick reply.
I don’t mind the person logging into the system but to have him create an account on streamlit or to need GitHub authorization access is a no-no.

I don’t know if I am doing anything wrong because it’s not easy for any invitee to view my app.

I guess the only option is to have my app be public, as you suggested, which is not ideal -(sensitive data).

Thanks again.

Hi @Ez1,

Streamlit Community Cloud actually doesn’t have a concept of “creating an account” – we use “Continue with Google”, which means that you just sign into your Google/Gmail account (you don’t go through an account creation process). Can you clarify what you mean by “logging into the system” vs. creating an account? It sounds like using passwordless sign-in might accomplish what you’re looking for.

Sorry Caroline, for late reply. I’ve been working on this issue these past few days. Apparently, if you send an invite to any gmail users, they will not have any issue accessing the site after logging in.

However, for Microsoft or other non-Google email users, there seems to be 2 -level type of logging required - one is for their own Microsoft/ non-Google email account and the other is for a gmail account. If they don’t have gmail , they are required to create one.

Also, the invitee is asked for their GitHub account password, but I cannot recall on what conditions.

Needless to say, the easiest way for me to show my VIP the deployed website is to create a pseudo gmail account and ask the VIP to use that to log in - which is not ideal.

By the way, I did try the public access method and horror of horrors, there were unknown viewers to the website with ‘strange’ user names… I quickly changed to private access again.

Hi @Ez1,

Streamlit Community Cloud doesn’t support logging in with non-Google accounts other than “passwordless” login, which allows users to provide their email address (regardless of whether it’s a Gmail address) and then we email them the user with a link that automagically logs them in to Community Cloud.

Can you clarify what you mean by a “pseudo gmail account”?

I wouldn’t recommend making the app public if it contains sensitive information.