Seeking new additions to our Community Moderators program! 🎉

We are looking to expand our awesome team of Streamlit Community Moderators! So far, this squad includes @ferdy, @TomJohn, @Goyo, @BeyondMyself, and @edsaac :star_struck:

So, what does it mean to be a Streamlit Community Moderator?

  • Foster engagement
    As a Community Moderator, you’ll play a crucial role in encouraging meaningful discussions and engagement within the Streamlit community. You’ll share your expertise, answer questions, and spark conversations to create a dynamic and supportive atmosphere.

  • Maintain community guidelines
    You’ll uphold and enforce our community guidelines, ensuring that discussions remain respectful, inclusive, and focused on Streamlit-related topics. By keeping an eye out for spam, inappropriate content, or any behavior that goes against our guidelines, you’ll help maintain a positive environment for everyone.

  • Offer support and guidance
    Whether it’s troubleshooting technical issues, suggesting solutions, or pointing users in the right direction, your expertise and helpfulness will be instrumental in empowering others to make the most of Streamlit.

  • Collaborate with the Streamlit team
    You’ll have the opportunity to collaborate closely with the Streamlit team. We value your insights and feedback, and your firsthand experience as a moderator will help us improve our forum.

  • Exclusive benefits
    In recognition of your dedication and contribution to the Streamlit community, Community Moderators will enjoy some special perks, including direct communication channels with the Streamlit team, sessions with our team to share your feedback and learn about our roadmap, and cool Streamlit swag.

Ready to take on the role of a Streamlit Community Moderator?

If you’re passionate about Streamlit, enjoy helping others, and want to make a positive impact on the community, we invite you to apply for the Community Moderators program. To express your interest, please share some info with us here and we’ll be in touch soon!


Hi Caroline, thank you for this discussion, one question is if the Streamlit Community Moderator position a paid position?

Hey @Akmal_Mirzaev, it is not a paid position

Hey @Caroline , I would love to be a part of Streamlit Community Moderator and would love to help community.

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