Research moderators activity of the Streamlit community

Hey Streamlit falks.

I’ve recently completed writing an article of how moderators here in the community response to every new topic and would like to share it.

Some analytics like responded topics distribution, min, max Q1, Q3 mean and the comman stats are at the end.

Hope you will find it interesting and even see your own nickname there :wink: @randyzwitch


And what about the non-moderators? :sweat_smile: :upside_down_face:

Well, what a specific question would you like to get an answer to?

For example, how often the non-moderators mark a topic solved with a moderator reply?

Please do not take it too seriously. I just wanted to point out, that there are also active users here in the forum who answer many questions that are not moderators or staff. :wink:

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Yeah, i understand, i’m not going to jump into a new research :smile:. We are simply talking about ideas…

Good point actually to find a group of active users who contribute much to the community. I like it.