Server config: runOnSave not working properly when streamlit app is accessed from network

Hello guys, I am able to switch theme template directly on the streamlit page with a selectbox widget, all I do is create a config.toml file under ./streamlit folder. and put these codes inside:

runOnSave = true


and modify the config.toml through the streamlit page, like I said , switching color with a selectbox.

switching between ‘dark’ and ‘light’, It is working like a charm, theme color is getting changed immediately, but I notice the following output from visual stuido code console:

“An update to the [server] config option section was detected. To have these changes be reflected, please restart streamlit.”

I am able to switch color from streamlit page , using my own selectbox widget, and theme color is getting changed despite that warning message from vscode console, it looks like I need to reboot streamlit? why, how can I fix this? note: this is all fine on local server, I am using windows server and visual studio code to run streamlit.

but when I try to access http://ip:8501, note: not inside my windows server’s browser, but from my local computer’s browser. There is a strange behaviour:

I am also able to switch theme color immediately from the streamlit page accessed via http://ip:8501, but only for a couple of times, for example, from selectbox I select: dark, light, dark, light, dark, theme color gets changed immediately for the first few times and then it stops changing color after that, no matter how I switch color…

in short, theme color is consistently changed immediately inside my windows server’s browser, but only changed for the first couple of color switch if I try to access the streamlit page from my local computer via http://ip:8501

guys, any help is appreciated. thank you!