Server error [A10]: Unable to create app error

hello i am having a trouble deploying my app and its giving me this error hope if you could help

the github repo: GitHub - HassanSale7/uber_pickups

Hi @hassans ,

Can you please mention the error as well ?
By the initial quick look, it seems your requirements.txt file isn’t generated properly (I’m not sure though), what about using the python module pipreqs.

Simiar to your app - Streamlit App Example - Uber Pickup , check it out !


I’m also facing the same issue, It ran successfully on my local but it’s not getting deployed.

My GitHub Repo: GitHub - GaikwadChinmay/The-EDA-App: The EDA App

Hi @Chinmay_Gaikwad, I think you have a problem with installing the package fpdf on streamlit server. I tried a couple of things but in the end had to remove importing fpdf. Perhaps there is workaound on this.
Check this test out here:
Regards, Luan.