Shortest Route Visualizer

A Streamlit web-application which deals with the construction and plotting of shortest-routes for Electric vehicles (EVs) based on different aspects of the nature of roads such as walk,drive,bike,etc which is basically the network type of the graph used for finding shortest paths between two points.

The term ‘shortest’ may have different meanings to different individuals. For example: For a person A, he may consider the route which makes him reach the destination in at least time as the shortest-path based on travel-time. At the same time,for person B, there may exist a way or path by which he may take a bit more time but he reaches the destination with the least consumption of fuels. So, Person B can call that route the shortest-path based on fuel consumption. The second is an example of Eco-routing. Broadly speaking, Eco-routing is the identification of the most energy-efficient route for a vehicle to travel between two points and is offered as a way in which drivers can reduce fuel consumption and consequently reduce the carbon footprint of their journeys Similarly, some more cases are there and exist in the real world nature of the roads and networks.

This project is designed on the generation of shortest routes between two points based on the travel time.

Key Features

  • Integrated Google Geocoding API from Google Cloud Console to fetch the geo-spatial coordinates of the locations.
  • Implemented features like selection of network type, algorithm type to use, map types to display, etc
  • Hosted the project on Streamlit Share

Hi @supershivam13 ,

first of all, welcome to our community :balloon: !
Glad to see you share some great app you developed.

In university we had to calculate the SP with Dijkstra on paper :smiley: .
As you can imagine, that was fun. So I think its a nice use case to build a streamlit app with it!

I guess Eco-routing is especially useful for cars with low range and hence affecting people driving Teslas most - just kidding.


  • Maybe a drop-down to select the type of SP that ought to be used for the calculation would be great (What are algorithms used to calc. it?)
  • Even show all different way in the same map as we know it from google maps?
  • Some metrics for each to compare would be nice. For example, Eco-SP is X-times more energy efficient, while Time-SP is X minutes faster than Eco-SP.

Just some thoughts :slight_smile:
I also like the different types of maps, it’s quite nice to compare them.

Anyways, happy Streamlit-ing!
Best regards

Thankyou Chris for your valuable suggestion.
It was really an insightful feedback. I hope you would be happy to know that I am currently working on those features and I’ll update those features in the app very soon.

Shivam Sahu

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