Skymagic using Streamlit ✨

This project is a streamlit implementation of one of the recently released paper,

Castle in the Sky Dynamic Sky Replacement and Harmonization in Videos
This project is really amazing and I’m so glad to re-implement this and develop a fully working streamlit app.

Aim of the app

This is an app which can simply replace background sky in an image by a realistic background such as galaxy, sunset or even a space ship.

Documentation on running the app and repo link are available here.

If you like my work, please :star: my repo to support me. Thank you!

Can you help me?!

If anyone could extend an invitation for Streamlit Share, it’ll be really helpful for deployment. This will highly motivate me to deploy more amazing machine learning apps. Thank you!


So cool! :sunglasses:

We’re all out-of-office this week, but I’m adding @tc1 here to send that Sharing invite with our next batch


@AdityaNikhil this is amazing :heart: - just sent you an invite to Streamlit sharing. Looking forward to hearing what you think!

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Thank you so much @thiago and @tc1 for giving me access to Streamlit share. Looking forward to deploy some cool machine learning apps. :partying_face:

I’ll be sharing the link here soon after deploying! :wink:


Hey @thiago @tc1

Here’s the LINK to the app deployed finally.!!! :partying_face::tada::tada::tada:

Note : The app is very slow(~10 mins for inference) as it’s running on a cloud cpu. It’ll be good if I get extra resources for running this app… Thank you!

@AdityaNikhil Great work and awesome app!!!

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