🗞️ Weekly Roundup: 2020 word clouds, interactive graphs with Pyvis, NFL receiver dashboards and more!

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12/21/20 - 01/03/21
Issue - V33

Every week we’ll share community-driven apps and articles that were shared with us during the previous week as well as any major announcements from Streamlit. If there is anything we missed feel free to add it in a comment or @ us on Twitter!

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Hey @Jessica_Smith ,

Thank you so much for posting my app here. (Skymagic using Streamlit under CV & Images Category). I wanted to give a small update about the app. I recently got access to streamlit share and I successfully deployed my app HERE.

Do check it out and let me know your thoughts!
Also the app is currently very slow as it’s running on cloud cpu.

Can you help me?!

It’ll be great if you could extend an invitation for GPU access.

Thank you!

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Hi @AdityaNikhil -

GPU access is not supported on Streamlit sharing.


Hey @randyzwitch,
Okay can I at least get more resources for this app?!

thanks for posting my ML Classifier app in the community. i m trying my best to develop the worlds first full-fledge machine learning studio app better than SAS,R-studio, for non-tech people without a single line of coding to take advantage and harvest the power of Ai/machine learning for their business as well as organizational solutions


Thank for sharing my code! I feel like a superstar :star_struck:!