Weather Visualizer Realtime with Streamlit, need deployment

Hi, all

I got introduced to Streamlit 2 days ago and now I have made a weather visualizer app in a day. It is so fun and easy to set up compared to other methods. It uses Climacell API and using realtime weather info, the app sends API requests based on user input and plots results on a plotly scatter_mabox. The app can be found on this repo.

I wanted to write an article on Medium explaining how I built the app and showcase it but my invite still didn’t come from Streamlit Sharing. Can anyone help out?

Regards, Bex

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This will be bookmarked in my new “Streamlit Apps for Life” folder :slight_smile:

It usually depending on how many users are in the queue takes 2-3 days for @randyzwitch or @tc1 to process them, so it should be coming soon :wink: but I’ll let them take that question.


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Very glad that you liked it. I am still working on the instructions and source code modes of the app. Should be done today.

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Hey @BexTuychiev,

This looks awesome and we can definitely get you added into Streamlit sharing. Pretty sure we found your email on the sign-up form, but going to send a dm really quick to confirm.

Looking forward to reading the Medium piece as well! :balloon: