Spyder and Streamlit

Hello everyone!
I’m new to the IDE Spyder, meanwhile I’m comfortable using streamlit on the standard IDLE everytime I try to run it tells no module named streamlit.
Someone knows how to solve it?
Thank you in advance!

Hello PariaEdo! :wave:

Welcome to the forums!

Have you tried to intall streamlit via pip intall streamlit?

Hello! Thanks for the fast reply!
I’ve installed streamlit via pip and I also run comfortably streamlit hello in my terminal.
I don’t know why in particular the library is not recognized in the Spyder IDE.

Maybe change your python interpreter?

Thank you for the suggestion I’ll try to do that!

I’ve actually tried to change text editor and there I found a simpler way to change interpreter and now it’s working, thank you!!


Hey @PariaEdo! Welcome to the community!

Are you able to share your solution on how to change interpreters in Spyder for future users who would like to do the same :slight_smile: ?



Glad you got it working Pariaedo! :slight_smile:

So I didn’t actually used Spyder to change the interpreter, in Spyder I think the most direct way is to use PYTHONPATH manager which is shown near the Preferences; I tried that but I think I inserted a wrong path (or maybe the same) and so I wasn’t able to use streamlit anyways :frowning: .
This morning I tried with Sublime text and was much easier to follow the process with the help of a tutorial and I could setup the correct environment from Tools->Build System. Now streamlit works just fine!