St.checkbox in nicely formatted table

I have a table (so far it’s been created in Markdown). I’d like to insert checkboxes in my table that control other content (presumably using st.checkbox)

Something like this

Anyone have ideas about how that could be done? Or reasonable alternatives?


HI @Dan_Becker

For now I think you will have to stick to existing widgets like select_box or radiobutton.

There are some feature requests for more advanced plugins (layouts, widgets).

See and upvote at

Your app looks really awesome. Which plotting library are you using?

Thanks Marc,

To answer your question, that plotting is in Altair.

I can see how my use case might be helped by 327. I’m likely to comment/upvote in 271, 455 or 688 instead… commenting here so you can help me if I’ve misunderstood the suggestion for where those issues you linked can help.

There is an existing streamlit widget (st.checkbox) for the box I want to add, and the challenge is getting it into a table.

A feature like #327 would let me write my own table widget in JSX. If I can import the existing st.checkbox and embed it in that table, that would do the trick. But if I couldn’t import other streamlit widgets into my JSX for a table, it doesn’t get me any further than I am right now. I can comment in the issue about that.

It’s less clear to me how the layout issues relate to my current problem. I’m currently getting a somewhat horizontal layout through st.sidebar, and then putting a table there. But I’ve been unable to do is put selectable boxes in that table. I haven’t been thinking of the layout on the page as part of the issue. Think I’ve missed something?

Thanks for the pointer on #327.

Hi @Dan_Becker.

I think 327 is the right one for you.

The other issues is more about providing any kind of “callback” and layout functionality.

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I have this exact use case as well.

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I do as well

Hello there,

Custom components, the new name for Streamlit plugins, is currently being beta tested, I recall this is a use case currently being implemented in JSX for test reasons so let me add more info there when it’s all completed :wink:

Hi @Dan_Becker thank you for the post. Have you found a solution ? I have a similar use case where I would like to embed a st.button in a table and it doesn’t seem to be possible for the moment.