Strange behaviour behind Cloudflare's Argo Tunnel (on EC2 box)

Hey team,

Just checking to see if anyone has had similar strange behaviour when deploying streamlit.

The current setup:

  • Single EC2 with docker running the streamlit (version 0.80.0) app - think something like: docker run -d -p 80:8501 my-streamlit-container.
  • Argo Tunnel running in the same box routing to http://localhost:8501.
  • In the streamlit container, enableCORS, enableXsrfProtection and enableWebsocketCompression is set to false.

For the most part, streamlit will load fine… then ever so often it will be stuck “Connection…” with the browser console saying something about not being able to connect to the websocket… it will keep trying to connect and then after ~4/5+ minutes, streamlit app will be loaded.

Wonder if everyone has got this behaviour? Have experienced this behaviour with the hello world app too (i.e. streamlit hello from the container).