Streamlit-aggrid crashing my streamlit application

I am using streamlit-aggrid == 0.3.3 and streamlit == 1.8.1

When I am running the streamlit app, connection initialises but soon stops on its own after that.

Is anyone else facing these issues?

Hi @sakshams1990,

Have you tried using the most recent version of Streamlit?


Hi @Caroline I did update my streamlit version. However, just the import of streamlit aggrid is making my application crash.

from st_aggrid import AgGrid

My main issue here is I have a dataframe where the feature value is too long. The complete feature value is not seen. Hence, I was trying to use streamlit aggrid for the same. Could you kindly suggest a workaround for the same.

If the component is making your app crash, I would suggest submitting a bug report / issue on the streamlit-aggrid repo.

+1 to Snehan’s suggestion. Also, are you running this locally or on Streamlit Cloud?

I am running this in my local machine.

@sakshams1990 are you seeing any error messages?

There is no error message seen. It starts with the message of connecting and disconnects after sometime.