Streamlit and GitHub

When trying to create a new app in streamlit, it requires to log in to github, and also authorize it, but also give access to some apps. In this case, Interactive Brokers, which is for stock trading and not related to streamlit and git hub. Why is this there? Thanks.

Hi @syracusepro welcome to the forum!

Could you share a screenshot showing this. Thanks!

See the attached picture and thanks a lot for the help.

Thanks for the screenshot, could you also share the link to the GitHub repo so that we can look into this further. Also, have you used Interactive Brokers in this or previous repo on GitHub?

I am confused here.

There is no repo. This happens when trying to create the first app on dashboard.

Interactive brokers is my actual broker for stock trading, and nothing related to this.

So, not sure what it is coming asking for permissions.

I was looking for a way not to include interactive brokers, but there was none.

In short words, the issue happens when logging in into Sltreamlit, then ask to log in into Github, then ask to authorize those apps in order to create my first one.


I believe the default behavior is to ask for permission for all of the organizations you are a part of, but you should be able to deselect those organizations before you press “Authorize”.

There is a check mark as per picture, but unable to uncheck. By clicking on that, a page showing some information about related criteria or information about authorization etc, is shown, but not as easy to just uncheck. Will try again and see.

Hi @syracusepro, in this case, InteractiveBrokers is a GitHub organization that your GitHub account belongs to. When you click “Authorize streamlit”, you’re just authorizing us to request access to that GItHub organization (this is to enable developers to deploy apps from repos owned by their GitHub organizations).

If “InteractiveBrokers” has their GitHub organization settings configured to restrict the access that third-party applications have to the org’s repositories, you can simply click “Authorize streamlit”, and unless the org admin grants Streamlit access, Streamlit won’t have access to any of the repos owned by that org.

Alternatively, you can create a new GitHub account which is not a member of that organization, and use that account for deploying apps with Streamlit Cloud.

Hope this helps clarify and let me know if you have any other questions.



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I just removed the two organizations at the cost of losing access to them. No longer having the unknown security access grant issues now. I was able to test a sample app on streamlit, but found out I could also do the same by just testing the code from Spyder then on a browser. Not sure about the complication of Github, etc.

You can see now how little I know about GitHib, but I am extremely interested on Streamlit for Stock charts and financial applications.

For example, I had a problem where TradingView available code for widgets were not displaying properly on streamlit.

Found I had to add some size properties at the end of the stremlit code and now displaying fully open on browser.

The problem is the chart is not in the center of the browser unless I select from the browser streamlight menu, wide mode or something like that.

But if there is any way to code to display on the center automatically, that would be great.

I will play a lot with streamlit and TradingView widgets with available sample code and modify accordingly, but so far, I am very enthusiastic.

Thanks a lot for the help.

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Hi @syracusepro, glad you figured out the GitHub issue. The widget centering issue is a bit outside the scope of this thread, but definitely check out this related thread for that question.


I have the same issue as @syracusepro

Opting out of my current team is not an option. Neither should I assume what my team’s settings are regarding authorizing 3rd party applications.

@Caroline - Is this my only option to create a new GitHub account, or is there a way to uncheck the box in the “Organization access” area?

If you want to deploy to Streamlit Cloud from a repo owned by an organization, then that organization needs to authorize Streamlit. If you deploy from a repo you own on your personal account, you need not authorize any organization you are in for that (and I believe only organization owners can authorize the organization; most ‘members’ of organizations would be blocked from creating access).

If you own an organization that you authorized by mistake, you can remove the authorization for that organization within GitHub. If you need to add authorization for an organization you own, you can add the authorization from GitHub if your personal account is already authorized.

Alternatively, you can remove your personal authorization to Streamlit from GitHub. This will cause Streamlit Cloud to reprompt you to authorize on next log in at which point you can choose to check (or not) the organizations you are in with high enough authority.

This is all still not clear.

  1. I created GitHub ACC some time ago and used it for my stuff
  2. Then started working for a company (later “the organization”), which gave me access to their private repo
  3. Now I want to connect to Streamlit with my public GitHub ACC to deploy apps
  4. Streamlit asks about authorizing something regarding company resources I work in now (and other repos)

The organization didn’t create or give me access to my GH ACC. It is my account, I created it long before starting working for them.

So the main “unclear” part is - why the organization is even mentioned. The organization is not related to the app in any way or capacity, it has no say in what I do with it. It is just my pet project.

I should be able to decide what access Streamlit will have - to what repos. I might not even want Streamlit to know about my private repos for example. Just give access to a specific repo. Is it possible?


Sorry for the late reply.

You don’t have to authorize any organizations if you are only deploying from your personal account. The GitHub Authentication screen should allow you to request or grant access to organizations you are in (or show you if access was already granted previously), but you can proceed without clicking the Request/Grant button for any organizations.

Authorization is granted between Streamlit and your account, not any specific repository. So, if your account is a member of any organizations, then the prompt allows you to opt in those organizations (or not) when you grant access to your account.