I can not use streamlit cloud at all!

Hi guys,

I am trying to signup for streamlit cloud.

First, I visit https://share.streamlit.io, it then asks me to continue with google , continue with github, welll, I have a github account with a private project there, so I choose to continue with github, after entering github email and password, I got redirected to google, it asks me to login to google account, well I was using google account to sign up for github, fine, I just enter my google account details, then I am redirected to share.streamlit/error page saying “this isn’t supposed to happen, please contact support”

on the top right of the page, I can see “Settings”, and my github username.

clicking on settings, I see :slight_smile:

I then clicked on sign in with google, I got redirected to the streamlit error page, I tried “allow access” too, it tried to process something and instantly refresh the page and I am still on the settings page.

I tried to click on my github username on the top right, there is a button called “log out”, I can not log out, I got this:


request failed with status code 401

please help.

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I am having the same issue, cant seem to login and it returns the same error page.

same issue with me… any fix?