Streamlit-App on Azure Web App for Container (with Docker) gives just a "Please Wait..." message

Hello everyone,

I’m having trouble deploying a Streamlit app as a Docker image to an Azure Web App. I keep getting a message saying “Please Wait…”, even though Streamlit should only display a heading (which I tried for testing purposes).

I’ve done an extensive internet search and read a lot about it, but I haven’t found a consistent approach to fix this issue, so nothing has worked so far.

Here’s a brief overview:

  • It’s a Python 3.10 application.
  • The Docker container works locally.
  • I’ve created an Azure Container Registry (with basic pricing) and pushed the local Docker image there.
  • An Azure Web App for Containers has been created (with B1 pricing and the Docker image previously created in ACR; unfortunately, there’s no SSH option included, at least according to the settings).
  • Additionally, I’ve set the environment variable WEBSITES_PORT=8501 (which is also set in the Dockerfile with “EXPOSE 8501”).

I’ve tried adjusting some settings in Streamlit (server.address=“”, server.folderWatchBlacklist=, server.enableCORS=false, server.enableXrsfProtection=false, server.enableWebsocketCompression=false) and on the Azure Web App side (set “Always On” to True), but unfortunately, everything has been unsuccessful.

I’m at a loss for what to do next and would appreciate any help.

Thank you very much and best regards,



# Use Python 3.10 base image

FROM python:3.10

# Set the working directory in the Docker container


# Copy the contents of the 'src', 'assets', and 'documents' directories to the Docker container

COPY src/ ./

# Install Python dependencies

RUN pip install -r requirements.txt

# Expose the port Streamlit runs on


# Command to run the app

CMD ["streamlit", "run", ""]

Hi, I was having similar issue. resolved by giving this custom command

python -m streamlit run --server.port 8000 --server.address --server.enableCORS=false --server.enableXsrfProtection=false

Disabling CORS worked for me but it was giving a warning that it is not compatible with XsrfProtection=true hence turned it off too. I am looking for its implications now.

Hi, i had to enable Websockets for the Web Apps domain in our company network. Then it worked for us.