Streamlit app on Google Cloud Run is expensive

Managed to deploy a multi-page Streamlit App on Google Cloud Run. However, even with minimal traffic (just family and friends), Google Cloud Run is costing about ~$1-$2 a day. Seems way too expensive. Can’t seem anything obvious either.


  • 256MiB

  • 1 CPU

  • 1800 request timeout (30 mins) – else session states are wiped

  • 80 max requests per container

  • Execution environment: Default (I checked, GCP is using First Gen)

  • Autoscaling: 1 min instance + 100 max instances

Anyone has seen something similar? Or, anyone has rough Google Cloud Run cost for their streamlit app that they can share?


Hi @dclin ,

We experience similar costs for the Streamlit apps we host on Google Cloud Run, but of course, this depends a lot on the deployment parameters.

Read through the Google Cloud Run pricing documentation - these three considerations might help you reduce your costs:

  • CPU allocation: The prices for “CPU always allocated” are lower than the prices for “CPU only allocated during request processing”. You also get more free vCPU-seconds and GiB-seconds.

  • Region: Prices for Tier 1 regions are lower than prices for Tier 2 regions.

  • Committed use discounts (CUD): This option allows you get a significant discount if you commit (i.e. no refunds) to a certain usage.

Hope this helps!

Thanks! @marduk

Out of curiosity, how many concurrent users / billable container seconds do your applications get?

It seems like this may just be the baseline cost from self-hosting a Streamlit application on a serverless stack. Every 10-15 minutes or so, I am observing pings to “st-allowed-message-origins” and “stream” from Streamlit server – and these pings are essentially causing a container to be kept alive throughout the day – even when is no actual traffic.

Can’t seem to find a way to control this behavior in streamlit configs either.

I upgraded my streamlit version to 1.19.0 late Friday. After that, Cloud Run billing is now much more reasonable. My guess is was the cause of what I was seeing.

Hi again @dclin ,

Forgot to reply to your previous question :slight_smile:.

Our apps might see 3-5 concurrent users at peak times, but never go beyond 1 active container instance (always active since we use “CPU always allocated”). This depends a lot on your app’s code, of course, and not intended as a benchmark. For example: If your app performs CPU-intensive calculations, then keep in mind Google Cloud Run automatically monitors CPU usage, and if it goes high enough, will trigger a new container instance regardless of how many concurrent requests.

Regarding Streamlit version 1.19.0 reducing Google Cloud Run costs, thanks a lot for the heads-up, we will test this over the next few days. It would also be great to know if the Streamlit team :balloon: has more insight into what is causing this great side effect :sweat_smile:.

…that seems extremely expensive to me :open_mouth:

I would like to add:
Google Cloud Run may not be the cheapest cloud service platform/provider for Streamlit Apps. A Streamlit app is actually a classic web server application that runs 24/7. Maybe you should just rent a small VPS from a classic server provider (Digitalocean, Vultr, OVH, Ionos and many more…) for about 5-10$ per month. Put the Streamlit app in a Docker container and add a second container with a reverse proxy.

After 1.19.0, and changing autoscaling to 0 min instance, the cost now drops to ~$0.20 a day (with similar # of requests).

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