Streamlit Cloud pricing discussion

I wanted to start a little discussion, collection of thoughts and round of feedback regarding the pricing of Streamlit Cloud. I haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about it yet, but it turned out to be roughly 10x more expensive than I expected.

I guess $250/mo isn’t a lot for companies but I was also hoping to get a slightly more powerful and flexible option as a single developer. With the current model, I’ll stick with the free option for sure. I mean, all I really need is the option to access private repos and that’s it. I don’t feel like that’s worth $250/mo.

What are your thoughts on it?


I agree with your opinion. I wish I could give you a variety of options. I hope to provide a pleasant environment in personal activities such as professional and plus.

I’m also doubtful if targeting larger companies makes sense for Streamlit Cloud.

  1. Larger companies who want to deploy python based applications probably have multiple platform engineers who are capable of creating an environment or pipeline to quickly deploy apps using streamlit
  2. They probably also have preferences where to deploy these things and how the hardware behind it is set up
  3. They might have policies that forbid them to deploy apps with sensitive information using third party tools

Streamlit Cloud saves time and is super convenient, yes. But the time that’s spent creating the apps or dashboards is far larger than the time it take to deploy them. And honestly once you’ve done it in AWS, it takes like 10 minutes to do it again.

10 minutes invested in far cheaper hosting, choice of hardware, vertical and horizontal scaling, additional tools and services at hand, same infrastructure as other company tools, more security and privacy control. I’m not convinced many corporations will want to make that trade.

Also, Streamlit Cloud is so simple that a monkey could do it, yes. But the people who build streamlit apps are developers. People who appreciate simple solutions but who are more than capable of deploying this stuff themselves. It’s not like Streamlit Cloud opens the gate for a new group of users that wouldn’t have been able to do something without it.

I may be completely wrong here but I see far larger success in the private projects, indie developers and startup target audience.

That’s the fun of getting product-market fit, finding out what product tiers/pricing makes sense for different groups of individuals, non-profits, startups, medium-sized companies, larger companies, education and anyone else :slight_smile:


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