Streamlit app with exiftool

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to read mata-data of an image via exiftool which works perfectly fine on local system as I have exiftool installed. But when I deploy the code on cloud, I get exiftool error. Any idea how do I install exiftool on streamlit cloud?


hey @deepika12110074, have you tried using PyExifTool? Downloading arbitrary software on Streamlit Cloud is fairly tricky, and my guess is that it will work much better if you try out the python wrapper

Putting it in packages.txt as explained in the documentation.

Hey @Tyler
Thank you for your reply. Yes, I tried that too but apparently that tool also needs exiftool setup as base architecture.

Hi @Goyo

I tried with package.txt but exiftool doesn’t get installed with pip and environments.yml throws an error.

Try again using the exact file name that appears in my answer and the documentation.