Streamlit cloud app won`t start and stuck on "please wait" page

I created an app and deployed it on streamlit cloud. It runs perfectly on localhost on my computer. I deployed it and it also worked fine on streamlit cloud. However, after a few days, without changing anything, it stopped working on the streamlit cloud and when I open the app it does not start and stuck in the “please wait” message on the screen. it works fine on localhost, the problem is when it is deployed on streamlit cloud. what is wrong with it?!

app link

Hi @hamed, welcome to the Streamlit Community! :wave: :partying_face:

Could you try checking again and/or opening the app in an incognito window?

The app loads fine for me :thinking::

thank you so much! in every browser and in the incognito mode it is still not working in my laptop!!

I’m unsure what the issue could be. The app loads perfectly fine for me in my normal browser tab and incognito

Do you see any errors in your browser console?

I found something:
I use VPN, and when I connect from Canada, it works! so there is nothing wrong with Streamlit.
but when I connect from Australia, it stuck! this is the error in the console:

Unfortunately, this is something I don’t have the answer to. Could be something along your network / ISP that’s causing the timeouts.

thank you so much for your time ! :grinning: :pray: :tulip: :hibiscus:

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Hi! bit late, but can you try rebooting the app from streamlit’s page?

it is IP issue, from Australia it does not work and some other countries, but from canada it works!

Hey, I just had the same issue. The fix for me was downgrading to v1.11.0
I simply uninstalled the latest version I had and installed with pip install streamlit==1.11.0

Hope this helps

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I seem to be encountering the same issue as above. My requirements.txt file only consists of the key packages and the app works fine locally.

However, when I try to deploy it the app is stuck “In the oven” and in the logs it says “updated app!”. I have deleted and rebooted this several times. I have also tried to view it via incognito but all it says is booting app.

Thank you, it works.

Thanks a lot.
It works!

I’m facing the same problem when deploying my app with docker on a local server and using nginx to expose it to the web.

On my local machine, the app (streamlit==1.21.0) works fine, with and without docker. However, deployed on the server it gets stuck at showing an empty streamlit page with the blue streamlit message “Please wait…” in the browser.

I can confirm that docker+nginx deployment works perfectly fine when I downgrade to streamlit==1.15.1. However, I want to use streamlit==1.21.0 as I rely on some of the newer features, so downgrading is not an option for me. Is there any other solution apart from downgrading streamlit?

Hey @LaurinHerbsthofer,

This topic has been closed / is specific to deploying with Community Cloud, so I would recommend creating a new post for your question

Thanks, understood! I’ll do some more testing and open a separate post for my issue.

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I am facing the same issue, remote streamlit app just hangs at “Please wait…”, The same app works fine if I open it from the local server. It could be VPN issue, but what do I talk to the IT guys, any leads?

If I can reproduce this without streamlit, it will be easy to point out to IT guys to debug further.

For example python3 -m http.server 8501 works fine everywhere. However, streamlit works fine on a few servers but not on a few. What is streamlit doing differently?

Resolved now with IT guys making exception for Websocket. Its local issue

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I am running into the very same issue running Streamlit on Ubuntu, Nginix.I have it running fine and it stops working when I deploy reverse proxy.

Doesn’t appear to be solved to me.

Hi all,

I can verify this issue. My first streamlit app, runs fine locally (both inside a docker and without) but as soon as I’ve deployed it using docker compose on the cloud, It keeps getting stuck at the “Please wait”.


I tried without docker compose (so same setup of nginx, lets encrypt and streamlit) and still had the same problem.

Eventually I tried it locally and found out it still didn’t work! I turns out I had a misconfigured streamlit config, which silently failed without any warning. The mistake is obviously on my part, I should have checked.